News and Events

  • We are growing, playing, and learning together!  

    Second Grade Rocks!


    Second Grade teachers are excited as we are planning PBLs and Field Trips for our students to enjoy!!

What We are Learning in Reading

  • In reading we will be implementing Reader's Workshop into our reading block.  This is a time for students to build their reading stamina and to read books that interests them regardless of their levels.  They are learning that there are different ways to read a book. 


    In writing we will be creating narratives using Lucy Calkins writing program.  Students will learn how to write a story to include characters, setting, events in order, and a closing.  They may write narrative that are real or make-believe.

What We are Learning in Math

  • In math, we are beggining the year with our Math Investigations program.  We will be exploring numbers, shapes, pattern blocks, money, and moving to telling time on analog and digital clocks. 


    At home, you can start talking to your child about coins and their values as well as practice reading clocks.

What We are Learning in Science/Social Studies

  • In Science, we will learn about states of matter.


    In Social Studies we are discussing citizenship and communities.

Dual Language Program Updates